Brent's Concentric Ring Sight.

Hi all.  After a few of years of tinkering around, finding raw materials sources, and clearing all the engineering hurdles  I put together some killer  ring sights.  These are concentric ring sights.. like military surplus, but all new parts.  They are the best made concentric sights in the world.

Glass Covered Optics

I cover the optics with glass.  This allows you to use a t-shirt or other soft cotton cloth to clean the surface of your sight.  All the other cross sights on the market leave the polarizer material exposed and it is a relatively soft plastic which scratches easily.  You don't have to worry about the durability of this sight... it will last for many years.  Some cheaper built sights (Concentric and Cross) have plastic polarizers as the surface material for the optical stack, but I went the extra mile to have thin glass substrates cut (just like the military ones) and assembled them together inside a beautiful anodized aluminum bezel.

Removable Shaft

The shaft comes off to allow you to custom cut the shaft without endangering the optics (in the garage near the saws, you know).  Once the shaft is cut to size, you should tighten the bezel down to the shaft.  It would be advisable to use lock-tight (the blue one) or crazy glue to lock the threads, but this is not necessary as you should not be twisting it hard enough to unscrew the bezel during field adjustments if you are using the proper clamp.


The sight shown has a 4" long 1/4" shaft.

Pricing is as follows:

Sight only - $250 + $10 insured/return receipt US first Class mail.

1/4" - 1/4" swivel clamp + 1/4" aluminum mounting post. - Add $25.

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A note about concentric ring sights:

Concentric sights are a precision optic.  It is made from a calcite crystal with an easily scratch-able surface, mounted between two circular polarizers with glass coverings for protection.  Precision optics were not made to go through temperature extremes very quickly.  It induces stresses in the elements and can even crack the crystal.  If you jump at a DZ that has very cold temperatures overnight, DON'T leave your helmet in a team room or a car.  You are asking for unneeded wear and tear on your sight. 

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