Schumacher Precision Research (Tm)

49mm Filter Adapter

Fits Switar 10mm / 16mm / 25mm (Preset and Non-Preset)

Kern Vario-Switar compact zoom.  f = 17-85mm F1:3.5

Switar 10mm Preset Lens (old Style Preset)

Switar 10mm Non-Preset


Switar 16mm Non-Preset

Switar 25mm Non-Preset

Vario-Switar compact  f = 17-85mm

Protect your investment.  That Switar 10mm is a rare piece, so if you get one with perfect glass,  you want to protect it.  Since they don't make series 5.5 filters anymore you want to use the latest and greatest filter (such as the Tiffen SMC) you must pick a popular size.  I had these Switar to 49mm adapters made just for this reason.  These adapters also work on the other primes (25mm, 16mm, etc.) and you can order extras if you need them.  Need a C Mount lens cap?  Click HERE.

This Item is being now carried by Dieter Schaffer at Procam. Please contact him at

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