Super 16mm Fisheye Lens (C-mount)


Ippel Photo and Film, Hawaii.

I have pretty much shot with everything.  Being in the water & shooting forces me to look for the most compact cameras possible. Since converting everything to Super 16, I have been on the lookout to find the best wide-angle lenses to cover the super 16 frame. I am a true believer in the "proof is in the pudding" & it really only counts if it is sharp on the telecine. I have been through many different wide-angle lenses & here is what I have found. The Kinoptik is a great lens, as long as you’re shooting it in full sun. Open that lens up to 2.8 the focus will go soft & the image will fall apart on the edges.  A century 3.5 will do the same!! But with Brent's combo of Super 16mm 1VN Cameras & his custom Brent Finley Super 16mm fisheye I am Finally Happy!! The image is crisp & sharp even opened up all the way!! No focus fall off issues from corner to corner!! This is a huge deal to me as I shoot everything at 100 – 150 FPS and often need to open the lens all the way!!! This is the most compact Super 16 wide-angle camera lens combo anywhere!!! This system has allowed me to get specialty POV coverage of surfing & water sports that would not be possible with the bigger rigs I have. I proudly stand behind Brent’s cameras & lenses!!  As I said the proof is in the pudding, check out the clips to get an eyeful for yourself!!


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